1. Drug List
Drugs will be listed based on the type of OPAT service. if H-OPAT then only non-compounding medicines will be listed and if S-OPAT only compounding medince will be listed in drug name list.

2. Treatment Frequency
TCP only accept referrals with frequency of upto T.D.S and NOT Q.D.S.

3. Treatment Start Date
Treatment Start Date will always be +24 hours of the referral date time where referral data is the date when user will press refer button on the portal. when a patient is referred after 1700 hrs it will be then next day 0900 hrs + 24 hours.

4. Prescription Duration
Prescription for more than 14 days will require approval from Regional Lead. This will trigger notification request for the regional lead as a reminder. This could be an email alert, a SMS alert or system reminder. such prescription will have a status of waiting approval.

5. Treatment End Date
Treatment End Date will calculate as treatement start date + prescription duration.

6. Prescription Identifier
Prescription will be given a unique identifier with a version number to track that prescription. Any modification to the prescription will generate a new version when prescription is saved.

7. Protocols

Antibiotics Of Equal Bioavailability

Cellulitis Pathway

Encephalitis Pathway

Endocarditis Pathway

Is My Patient Suitable For OPAT

Pneumonia Pathway

Pylonephritis Pathway

Restricted Antibiotic List

Vancomycin Dosing

Consent Form Health Professional

Consent Form Patient

OPAT Consent Leaflet

Antibiotic List

Irish National Guidelines on the Provision of Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT)